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Optimal global support solutions to capture foreign visitors that are increasing yearly

The number of overseas visitors to Japan in 2014 exceeded all previous years and was 13,000,000 in that year. In the center of countries mentioned accelerating towards the year 2020 for tourist inbound promotion, overseas visitors coming to Japan will increase yearly. Accordingly, it is necessary for Japan to have an environment to support various languages. At GlobalCast, we provide a service to easily expand the existing call center or customer support and sales locations of the client, to become multilingual.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year of high quality multilingual support

Our multilingual communication services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Foreign operators have acquired level 1 Japanese language certification and undergo strict employment testing (writing, conversation, and interview) before being employed and through continuous education, maintain a high support quality.

Supported Languages

6 major languages are supported

Our multilingual communication services support the 6 major languages that are used by foreign tourists and foreigners residing in Japan. (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish) We are also planning to expand the supported languages in the future at any time.

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Solutions Service

2 Party Interpretation Service

Meeting with foreigners at the actual service location

Two party communication for locations such as when meeting directly with foreigners and interpretation is conducted through the operator of our multilingual contact center with the delivery of a phone or smart device.
This is helpful in easily realizing a multilingual environment when a multilingual person is not present at the service location or when it is difficult to provide a multilingual person.

Examples of introduction by industry

  • Accommodation Facilities Reception (hotels, business hotels, inns, lodgings, etc.)
  • Medical Facilities Reception (general hospitals, clinics and dental clinics, specialist clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, etc.)
  • Transportation Organization Windows and Taxis (stations, airports, long distance / overnight bus stops, ship boarding offices and taxis, etc.)
  • General Retail Stores (commercial facilities, large retail stores, shops, shopping-mall information booths, specialty stores, etc.)
  • Theme Parks (amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, various leisure facilities)

3 Party Interpretation

Multilingual expansion of Japanese language call center, etc.,

This service realizes multilingual expansion by connection between centers for clients that already have a Japanese call center.

It is not easy for a business that outsources call operations or business that already have a call center to procure multilingual personnel by themselves to construct a multilingual system. By introducing the 3 party interpretation system service, multilingual support can be provided only in the necessary time zones in real time.

Connect between our multilingual contact center and interpretation between 3 parties will be conducted through a multilingual operator.

Temporary Reception Service

Existing multilingual center incoming call processing

For existing multilingual supported call centers, at times when incoming calls are expected to increase or when the demand for processing incoming calls exceeds the capability of the personnel allocated to do, our company multilingual operator will implement a fixed format temporary support in the place of the client. When uniform support is sufficient in many cases, support is completed as is and for contents of high expertise, the client operator will be upgraded.

Email Translations and Document Translations

Multilingual support for email contact

We provide translations services not only phone support, but also for inquiries by forms, etc., from websites and other sources in foreign languages.
Cases where important customer negotiation channels and websites that are information sources for end-users are being converted to be multilingual are increasing however accordingly, chances for email inquiries in foreign languages also increase and a system structure to support this is necessary.
The staff of the client can transfer the mail in the foreign language and the document translated into Japanese is delivered.
Additionally, the response from the staff is also translated and it delivered so that it only has to be sent to the end-user.

Bilingual Staff Dispatch

Business meetings and presentations with overseas guests

For companies that do not conduct overseas transactions and support customers on a daily basis, there are cases when there is no multilingual staff in-house.
When business discussions or presentations are necessary with overseas guests, we will dispatch a bilingual staff that is appropriate to the content.
The content is reviewed beforehand and a multilingual person having the appropriate business skills will be introduced. Additionally, specialized contents will be appropriately supported when materials, etc, are provided and meetings are conducted beforehand.

SNS Post Monitoring

For implementing SNS promotions to overseas

Utilizing SNS for international promotions and campaigns in particular is very important. However, there is the risk of access of SNS by unspecified number of users all over the world of with undesirable posts and with negative campaigns.
We will act to monitored posts from overseas 24 hours a day and when inappropriate posts are found, they will be reported in real-time and deleted.

Multilingual Outbound Call

Questionnaire surveys and marketing towards overseas companies and foreign residents

We can undertake multilingual support for outbound calls for implementation of questionnaire surveys, event invitations, various marketing for overseas companies, governments, or foreigners residing in Japan.
Feedback on the results of calls will be reported in detail to the client.

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