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In order to accurately and courteously convey the true value of services and products to customers

Customer contact with telephone calls and the internet has become complex and diverse. However, face-to-face marketing activities directly with end-users are still very important and through cooperation between channels, the level of importance can be said to further increase.
In order to convey the true value of services and products accurately and courteously and to inquire the needs and desires of the customer, communicating with each other with facial expressions and voice can be said to be effective.

The direct marketing channel of GlobalCast is constructed with a high level of manpower backed by many achievements and much experience and human resources, organization and a sales network with abundant knowledge.

We respond precisely to correspond to the trends of the client's type of industry and the industry itself and the customer's needs and values that change daily with the times. By collaborating closely with other marketing channels, we positively increase the fans of the client.

The Strength of GlobalCast

"Human Resources" x "System" x "Network"

At GlobalCast, in order to deeply understand the products and services of the client, we continue to verify the method of proposal with repeated trial and error and will structure the most effective and accurate "System (Method)" to convey the true value of the products and services. Then top class "Human Resource" matched with a high degree of proposal skills, achievements, knowledge and mentality will implement proposal activities with the "System" as the base.
Additionally, there are over 20 sales locations nationwide and we constantly conduct an exchange of human resources and information and have established a "Network" to proliferate the client's products nationwide. In addition, we have alliances with numerous sales cooperative companies and partnerships all over the country and maintain an organization that can meet the client's goals at all times.

  • Human Resources
    We constantly have over 200 staffs that are highly skilled, highly experienced, with many achievements, employed in our organization.
  • System
    We will based of the rule of thumb, thoroughly understand the product by verifying through repeated trial and error, and construct the most effective and accurate "system" to convey the product's value.
  • "Existing Nationwide Sales Network" Network
    We have over 20 business locations all over Japan and have abundant manpower. We have prepared the necessary network to proliferate the client's product by direct sales nationwide.

Solutions Service


Directly visiting end-user's homes and offices for in-person communications

We will do route visitations for follow up, up-sell/cross-sell for existing customers, visitations for outbound calls for appointments, developing new customer based on prospects lists and area maps, field service, etc., and directly visiting end-users for various aspects, provide guidance and proposals for services and products.
We correspond to both consumers and corporations. Especially for the aging society, where areas are remote and the transportation infrastructure is not sufficient and in cases where just phone calls and internet service guidance is insufficient, we can improve the convenience of customers and provide accurate guidance.

Sales Promotions

Implementation of services and product appeal at commercial facilities and large retail stores

We will give advice and make suggestions regarding services and products of client businesses to customers visiting stores and locations at shopping centers, commercial facilities, large retail stores, event venues etc.,

We will implement promotional activities to realize short-term profitability and raise the level of awareness for acquisition of new customers such as acquiring customer lists, implementation of surveys, campaign guidance, sampling, etc.,

Dispatch of Sales Representatives and Support of Organizational Enhancement

Spot sales resource supplementation and in-house sales organization enhancement

Dispatch sales personnel to stores where existing customers visit such as mobile phone stores and implement marketing at the time of campaigns and the release of new services and implement cross-sell/up-sell guidance, etc.

Additionally, for clients that would like to enhance their sales organization, we will station our staff on-site to support education, training, sales accompaniment for client staff and support organization enhancement at the site level.

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