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Operation of a profit creating contact center to correspond to call operations with higher levels of informatization

Call operations which are important contact points for marketing and customer relations.
Utilization of ICT and Big Data has advanced, call operations with even higher levels of Informatization have exceeded the framework of simple customer support and has become positioned as an important profit point for improving profitability of the company.

We will support realization of a complex marketing channel and a flexible collaboration to maximize revenue expansion and minimize revenue loss at the execution level.

Contact Center Structure

Flexibly provide and match the leading edge contact center that includes ICT/Data utilization to the client's scale

We will collaborate cloud type CTI-CRM, etc., system with data integrated from a variety of marketing channels, and construct a contact center that will realize an operation matching the customer's attributes and status. In addition, we can verify numerical differences in a small span, construct a PDCA cycle that will improve accuracy and quality and feedback accumulated data to help service and product planning development and improve techniques for other channels.

We maintain onsite locations in Aomori, Tokyo and Nagoya and by virtualizing the network in each location; we will realize a flexible center structure that will match the client's business scale from dedicated to shared.

Solutions Service


Outbound marketing seizing data and maximizing solicitation

From push marketing to realize development of new customers to measures to improve customer lifetime value through cross-sell/up-sell/re-sell to existing customers, and the creation of revenue outside of main business from client lists in maintained through alliances, etc., various schemes will contribute to revenue.

Through collaboration and complementing with data obtained from various types of marketing channels, increase the solicitation of users and maximize closing accuracy.

Supported Services

  • Telemarketing
  • Telephone Appointments
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell
  • Resales
  • Alliances


Inbound marketing to create revenue while ensuring the reception quality

Not only education of the operator but by grasping beforehand and utilization of industry specialized knowledge of customer attributes, status, purchasing/action log through data utilization, the reception quality will greatly improve.

By increasing customer engagement, not only will it prevent loss of customers but will also lead to revenue without loss of customer contact opportunities from retention and outbound sales and enhance the lifetime of customer value.

Supported Services

  • Customer Center
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Retention
  • Technical Support
  • Back Office
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