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Optimize outsourcing for client's scale and industry

Introduction of client implementation example

This is an introduction to an implementation example of an industry specialized type BPO service that GlobalCast Co., Ltd., offers. In accordance to the client's industry, scale of outsourcing, an optimal marketing channel is selected and resources are arranged. Reliable generation of profits and cost reductions are supported.

Major power related communications business

Marketing expansion specializing in communication business of power company capital

Industry Type Electric Power Communications Business
Service Provided Optical cable service for consumers (FTTH)
End User Consumers living in detached homes
Channel Used Direct marketing,
contact center (outbound・inbound)
BPO Area Service sales expansion, field service, retention

For sales expansion of communications companies found within the capital of general electric power companies in each region (separate capital for some businesses currently), direct marketing channels are mainly used and conducted.
We contribute to improving the performance of the client as an important marketing channel responsible for the last mile.

  • Not only acquisition of contracts but also support field service such as support for settings
  • Through support of retention work, not only increase revenue but also prevent decline of revenue
  • Realize increase in customer value by cross-selling our company services
  • Realize expansion of sales channels through collaboration with alliance partners

Public service provider

Support of disseminating system and implementation of fee reception business

Industry Type Public service
Service Provided Public broadcasting service
End User Consumer
Channel Used Direct marketing
BPO Area Guidance and fee collection business related to dissemination of system

In order to improve the efficiency and cost savings regarding the company's "Public service system dissemination business" by their own employees and contracted individual businesses, we have them utilize our BPO services.
From rich human resources, we have assign the suitable staff especially for this work and contribute to realization of the client’s goals.

Major Insurance Company

From Telephone approach to visitation consulting

Industry Type Insurance
Service Provided Life insurance products
End User Consumer
Channel Used Direct marketing Contact seller (outbound)
BPO Area Guide to insurance products, review consulting, closing contracts

Implementation through marketing utilizing the internet, collaboration with alliance partners, solicitation through outbound of prospective customer list. A financial planner directly visits the customer's home and conducts optimal rates consulting, product guidance and closing of contracts.

  • Solicitation and direct visitations and at the same time conduct closing with outbound of the prospective customer list
  • Collaboration with alliance partner, realization of expansion of sales channels

Major Energy Business

Implementation of marketing support of liberalization of communications and electric power

Industry Type Energy (LP gas)
Service Provided Retail sales of electricity, optical cable service for consumers (FTTH)
End User Consumer
Channel Used Direct Marketing
BPO Area Cross-selling to existing customers, support of enhancing sales organization

Support at the execution level for cross-selling communications service from cross-selling of electrical power service and optical cable service (optical collaboration) to LP gas users relative to the liberalization of low voltage power retail sales. Additionally, by supporting the enhancement of the clients own sales organization with resident dispatched sales people, not only BPO channels but also contribute to improvement of business performance from proper organization for full-on cross-selling marketing.

  • Not only BPO support for cross-selling but also support of sales organization enhancement
  • By cross-selling own services, realize increase in customer value
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