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Core operation process responsible BPO

Conventionally, the approach to BPO services handling indirect work such as office work, accounting and labor for companies is so that the company can be devoted to its core business and the emphasis is on reduction of indirect costs and management costs.
On the other hand, our industry specialized BPO services can also focus especially on the operation processes in the core business process directly connected to the performance of the company and is a BPO service for marketing business with the goal of directly creating profit.

Understanding the specialization and uniqueness of each industry and design a marketing plan that is optimal

Unlike unvarying indirect work outsourcing, we design the optimal marketing plan after understanding the specialization and uniqueness of each industry and we not only just provide consulting but provide support at the execution level.

It is possible for the client to concentrate on work regarding administrative processes such as management strategy, planning, development and corporate governance.

Major Client Industries

  • Communication
  • Energy
  • Administrative and Public
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Real estate
  • Information Media

Marketing Method

By subdividing the marketing process for the operational process and by objectively understanding and verifying the revenue contribution of each unit and each channel from multiple indexes, the challenges will be clarified.

Elements of Marketing

  • Planning
  • Sales
  • Selling
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Distribution
  • Data

Profit Cycle

By repeatedly put into practice verification of difference and optimization (PDCA) in as short a span as possible the measures for improvement of each problem one at a time, an organic profit cycle will be established.

Our marketing does not only solve the current problem but also functions as a self-solving organic mechanism to deal with future problems that may arise and will realize a structure that will continuously create profit.

Owned Channels

In order to be able to conduct marketing at the execution level, we own 3 major channels. Each of the channels functions as an import contact point for clients and by appointing roles, complementing and collaboration, the revenue from prospective clients is maximized by not missing the decision making timing of end-users.

The variety of customer information obtained from these channels is entered into a database and the applicable closing for prospective customers and added value for existing customers are realized.

Direct Marketing

We possess more than several hundred sales resources nationwide at sales locations and agency sales networks at all times. We meet directly with end-users, accurately covey the value and merit of services and products and realize development of new customers.

Details on Direct Marketing

Telemarketing (Contact Center Solutions)

We assume responsibilities for the contact center structure realize revenue (on-site/in-house) outbound telemarketing, inbound sales, minimization of revenue loss through retention, cross-sell/up-sell and development of new customers and maximization of customer value.

Details on Contact Center Solutions

Multilingual Communication

To correspond to the foreign visitors increasing every year, we offer a variety of multilingual communications services such as two and three party interpretation for phone call interpretation services and dispatch interpreters and translations services for various industries.

Details on Multilingual Communications

Web Marketing (Digital Marketing)

We setup points of customer contact on the internet such as leading edge ad technology, search engine marketing, earned media (social media) strategy and other DSP and various internet advertising, and big data utilization, ICT and loT utilization, creative design and other private DMP, etc.

Details on Web Marketing (Digital Marketing)
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