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Human Resource Development Business with the goal of creating a leader to lead the era

Details on GlobalCast's Human Development Business

The number of small and medium business companies in our country is about 1,508,000 companies. The proportion of small to medium companies to the total number of companies is 99.2%. (The Small to Medium Enterprise Agency study)

What can be said to be understood from this number is that Japan's economy is supported by small and medium businesses.

On one hand, more than 10,000 companies were forced to go bankrupt last year and there are many business owners who cannot respond to the rapidly changing market of the current advanced information society.
Unfortunately, the compulsory educational system in our country does not teach business management at all and many young people are thrown into society not knowing the difference between joint-stock companies, small, medium and large corporations, venture companies and listed companies, and not understanding the management situation of the company they are employed at, and employees that are dissatisfied and complain about the working environment and conditions are increasing and many business owners of small to medium companies face the problem of employees everyday.

Among this, GlobalCast would like to consider the human resource development business as our mission to teach a wide variety of business management subjects to the next generation of young people who will be responsible for Japan's economy in the future and broaden their range of vision and point of view, and together with business owners consider the education and development of human resources with the way of thinking "Self-growth = Corporate growth = Japan's growth".

Business Introduction

Career enhancement grant utilization

Career enhancement grant utilization

We do training contracts and creation of external training curriculum for young, part-time and contract employees to take advantage of the career grant from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
We provide a curriculum that incorporates business administration know-how and organization creation know-how of GlobalCast in increasing sales 30 fold in 8 years to business owners at no cost to them.
For businesses that truly want to undergo human resource development, by all means, contact us.

Details on career enhancement grant utilization
Agent G

Agent G

Elite management school "Agent G" with an output of university student's employment offer rate of 500% Sales skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, logical thinking, finance, planning skills, management skills and other necessary skills for managing business including the external environment learned and actual company operations are conducted by only the students. Through the actual practice x management curriculum, there is a dramatic stage for "growth".

Held every week Tuesday, 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Nagoya headquarters seminar room
Participation Fee: College students are free to participate!
» Inquires: Employment department direct line Tel. +81 52-265-9035



This is a foundation established to create and provide opportunities to contact the world's top level in their respective industries for sports, fashion, services, business, etc. This is a study abroad support business for learning the living standards, initiatives, and mental attitude necessary for living among the world's top level.

Major Study Abroad Precedents

  • Cirque du Soleil (entertainment Group / Montreal, Canada)
  • Real Madrid (football club team / Madrid, Spain)
  • FC Barcelona (football club team / Barcelona, Spain)
  • Inter Milan (football club team / Milan, Italy)
  • Lazio (football club team / Italy Lazio)
  • AS Rome (football club team / Rome, Italy)
  • Google (IT companies / California, USA)
  • Walt Disney (movie production and theme park / California, USA)
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