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G-TELP is a test to measure the ability to communicate in English in actual situations for non-native speakers of English (for example, Japanese people).

G-TELP is an acronym that stands for "General Tests of English Language Proficiency" and in other words it is a test for not only for "Academic English" or "Business English" but also is a test that focuses on the ability to freely utilize English in everyday situations.

The test problems are materials taken from natural English actually used. For example, the exchange between a customer and the shop clerk in a store, a father and daughter conversation, letters between good friends, problems regarding time schedules of trains and other wide-ranging problems. G-TELP is perfect for people who are thinking "I want to know just how much my English ability can actually be used to communicate".


  • Anytime, Anywhere (on-demand examination)

    Growing numbers of universities are using G-TELP on-demand examination as a placement exam for class grouping of incoming freshmen. Smooth examinations and class groupings can be done through G-TELP even during busy periods.

  • Four stage levels of judgement

    G-TELP has 4 stages of levels. By choosing the exam level appropriate for each student, variations in scores become more likely, which is optimal for class groupings.

  • Quick feedback (Quick report)

    Course registration can be done in time for short terms. Many universities using this exam for class groupings quickly agree. You can receive the report on the results on the following day (upon consultation) at the earliest.

  • Weak areas can be detected at a glance (Score report)

    In addition to the results of the three sections, Grammar、Listening、Reading and Vocabulary, a detailed score report will be put out by problem content with multiple tasks of each section.

  • Variety of data; materials for class grouping also created

    If class grouping rules are provided in advance, the class grouping data can be made based on the rules.

  • Implemented by 100 universities and junior colleges nationwide

    Track records represent high reliability. With more than 1,000 students taking this exam, many universities have implemented G-TELP for the entire school.

  • Certification issue

    We issue a certification as proof of English proficiency which can be included on resumes as an official score. We also recommended TOEIC alpha plus English proficiency to show qualifications for students looking for jobs.

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Operated Services

Personal Computer School "Aviva Kids" for Children

PC skills are already indispensable in these times. We provide an environment to allow learning valuable strengths that will start from the personal computer such as various expression skills, information collecting skills and information transmission skills so that children can realize their dreams.

Details on Aviva Kids

Personal Computer School "Aviva at Home" for Seniors Citizens and Housewives

People who have never touched a personal computer. We provide personal computer user skills to allow beginners like these to enjoyable learn and to live a richer, enjoyable life. Regardless of age, we will supply a beneficial time to allow you to find new enjoyment in living through the personal computer.

Details on Aviva at Home

International English Test "G-TELP" Japan Executive Office

How much can we Japanese who's native language is not English, communicate in English? It is a test to measure that ability. Currently, with the track record of being introduced in 40 universities, it is not a test to compare with other students but instead to clarify areas of strength and weakness and is a true test to measure English ability conducted by the executive office in Japan.

Details on G-TELP

English Conversation Learning System "MyET"

MyET is educational material for learning speaking. A personal computer and a microphone are used to listen to a native speaker's examples played back from the PC then actually speak using your own voice. Your voice is then evaluated on speaking points with an automatic speech analyzing original software (ASAS) developed by LLabs for "Total Score", "Pronunciation", "Pitch" and "Rhythm" and advice on what points to improve are also provided.

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