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With education as the axis, an environment that will allow you to shine more

In the educational business of GlobalCast, through a wide variety of fields we provide one thing to allow living a more enjoyable glowing life and a more prosperous life.
Regardless of age or sex, provide knowledge with the motto of human resource development to allow you to shine in more fields and just improve performance. Not only this kind of superficial education but as a strong partner, provide true education in language acquisition, skill acquisition, qualification testing, etc., through these that have the goal of creating benefits for a life that is more prosperous and happy.

Educational Business Brand "G-VaLEd"

Education with Value, Prosperous Life

The various educational services that GlobalCasts operates and involved in (Aviva Kids, Aviva at Home, G-TELP, MyET) are developed through the integrated business brand "G-VaLEd".

G-VaLEd has the goal of making the lives of the people involved more prosperous and creates educational services necessary for personal growth to realize future dreams. Additionally, provide educational services to allow you to feel the value of your life.

Operated Services

Personal Computer School "Aviva Kids" for Children

PC skills are already indispensable in these times. We provide an environment to allow learning valuable strengths that will start from the personal computer such as various expression skills, information collecting skills and information transmission skills so that children can realize their dreams.

Details on Aviva Kids

Personal Computer School "Aviva at Home" for Seniors Citizens and Housewives

People who have never touched a personal computer. We provide personal computer user skills to allow beginners like these to enjoyable learn and to live a richer, enjoyable life. Regardless of age, we will supply a beneficial time to allow you to find new enjoyment in living through the personal computer.

Details on Aviva at Home

International English Test "G-TELP" Japan Executive Office

How much can we Japanese who's native language is not English, communicate in English? It is a test to measure that ability. Currently, with the track record of being introduced in 40 universities, it is not a test to compare with other students but instead to clarify areas of strength and weakness and is a true test to measure English ability conducted by the executive office in Japan.

Details on G-TELP

English Conversation Learning System "MyET"

MyET is educational material for learning speaking. A personal computer and a microphone are used to listen to a native speaker's examples played back from the PC then actually speak using your own voice. Your voice is then evaluated on speaking points with an automatic speech analyzing original software (ASAS) developed by LLabs for "Total Score", "Pronunciation", "Pitch" and "Rhythm" and advice on what points to improve are also provided.

Details on MyET

More developed educational services through ICT and AI utilization

We promote further developed educational systems utilizing cloud based "Learning Management System (LMS)" and Artificial Intelligence (AI) communication robot "Musio".

Learning Management System (LMS)

Managing the attendance situation with a database on the cloud for actual classrooms, educational locations and e-learning through various devices, confirming in real-time the proficiency situation and develop the collaboration of each service online. By cooperation of LMS and services provided by other companies, the expansion of the lineup for a wide range of educational contents can be realized.

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