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The only thing that a person can leave behind for the future is a prosperous economic society

At GlobalCast Co., Inc., we consider that "People" are assets of the nation and creating human resources that are capable of leading the era is the most important contribution to society and is the only thing existing that can be left behind by people for a prosperous economic society in the future.

Provide a variety of educational services that meet the needs of the times for all ages

We provide a variety of educational services to meet the needs of the times for all ages including anticipated professional educational services for future of children from a young age, multilanguage educational services to support the globalization of society, human resource development services for students and working people, services to live a convenient and fulfilling life for senior citizens after retirement.

Educational Business and G-VaLEdG-VaLEd

Through the educational business brand "G-VaLEd", we develop a variety of educational services. At G-VaLEd, with the goal of making the lives of people involved more prosperous, create necessary educational services for personal growth in order to realize their future dreams, and provide educational services that will all you to feel the value in your life.

Details on Educational Business

Human Development Business

In our human resource development business, a wide variety of business management subjects are taught to the next generation of young people who will be responsible for Japan's economy in the future, broaden their range of vision and point of view, and together with the management of businesses consider the education and development of human resources with the way of thinking "Self-growth = Corporate growth = Japan's growth" is our mission in expanding our business.

Details on Human Resource Development
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