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To the world of making life more convenient and comfortable cutting edge eco-products

At GlobalCast's environmental business, we handle ecology related products that are creating using patented technology that uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology, including environmental purification catalyst "Nano Diamond Catalyst NRC".

The Nano-diamond catalyst demonstrates a permanent catalytic effect in any environment just by being applied and shows effective results for viruses, anti-bacteria, deodorant and anti-fungal effects. Additionally, the applied area becomes a clean space such as like with an air cleaner and deactivates airborne viruses and decomposes bacteria and foul odors and lowers degradation of active oxygen (catalytic reaction by natural air circulation).

The applications are wide ranging from Nano-diamond catalyst processing from anti-viral masks, bedding, deodorizing antibacterial spray, development of residential services, etc.

Nano-diamond masks are now on sale from the AppBank Store!

Our Nano-diamond mask is now on sales from the EC site operated by AppBank Co., Ltd.! (It is a company where former CEO Max Murai, famous YouTuber, resides)

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Operation Services

Service Brand "Kankyodo"

Kankyodo provides services to support the lifestyle of the average household by use of new products that apply state-of-the-art technology and patented technology to be useful for life, including the environmental purification catalyst "NRC".
By all means, please use this service to make a comfortable lifestyle.

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