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A.Z plus

An English conversation classroom to firmly have children acquire skills in a solid English environment in a classroom and with online lessons.

With only one lesson per week in the classroom, although you may know words and greetings but having a conversation with foreigners will not be possible. In order to be able to truly communicate in English, before the period of diminishing talent (diminishing period) it is necessary to build an English environment needed for language acquisition.
At A.Z plus, not only 1 classroom lesson per week but also an environment where live communications with foreigners at home is presented and a system to realize this is constructed and at a cost that is unthinkable for the number of lessons is provided.

*The period of diminishing talent (diminishing period) is the early educational period theory where it has already been adopted as common sense “The law of diminishing talent” which is that the tremendous absorption power and potential of the child's brain is higher as the age of a child gets younger.


  • Overcoming the Wall to Learning English

    At A.Z plus, without question there are instructionally highly skilled professional teachers and high quality lessons and since you can receive English conversation lessons from overseas instructions at home, the "absolute number of hours" important in the process for learning English is covered.

  • Rich School Events

    At A.Z plus, fun events such as summer camp, Halloween parties, Christmas parties and other seasonally events that can only be held in the classroom are prepared.

  • Study Abroad

    For the study abroad program at A.Z plus, the extremely popular Gold Coast in Australia is the destination for studying overseas. We provide the best opportunity for studying abroad at the "Burleigh Heads Language College" approved by the Australian Government.

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Operated Services

Personal Computer School "Aviva Kids" for Children

PC skills are already indispensable in these times. We provide an environment to allow learning valuable strengths that will start from the personal computer such as various expression skills, information collecting skills and information transmission skills so that children can realize their dreams.

Details on Aviva Kids

Personal Computer School "Aviva at Home" for Seniors Citizens and Housewives

People who have never touched a personal computer. We provide personal computer user skills to allow beginners like these to enjoyable learn and to live a richer, enjoyable life. Regardless of age, we will supply a beneficial time to allow you to find new enjoyment in living through the personal computer.

Details on Aviva at Home

English Conversation School "A.Z plus" for Infants and Children

With high quality resources as the base, we provide an English conversation school for children from 0 age infants, with bilingual training as the axis. In the same manner as children overseas grow up bilingually with nature, we provide an appropriate English environment and proper education to help to truly enable your child to speak English conversation.

Details on A.Z plus

International English Test "G-TELP" Japan Executive Office

How much can we Japanese who's native language is not English, communicate in English? It is a test to measure that ability. Currently, with the track record of being introduced in 40 universities, it is not a test to compare with other students but instead to clarify areas of strength and weakness and is a true test to measure English ability conducted by the executive office in Japan.

Details on G-TELP

English Conversation Learning System "MyET"

MyET is educational material for learning speaking. A personal computer and a microphone are used to listen to a native speaker's examples played back from the PC then actually speak using your own voice. Your voice is then evaluated on speaking points with an automatic speech analyzing original software (ASAS) developed by LLabs for "Total Score", "Pronunciation", "Pitch" and "Rhythm" and advice on what points to improve are also provided.

Details on MyET

Language School approved by the Australian government "Burleigh Heads Language College"

Burleigh Heads is known throughout the world as a mecca for surfing. Located about a 1 to 2 minutes' walk from the center of that beach is a language school we operate that has been approved by the Australian government. From a location right in front of the beach while enjoying a balanced attractive studying abroad life with surfing, body-boarding and other marine sports, we provide an authentic English learning environment.

Details on Burleigh Heads Language College
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