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Global Cast Co., Ltd. in the management of its official social account will comply with the following behavior, attitude, and basic manners as social media policies as set forth below.

Definition of social media

Social media is a media that makes possible communications with unspecified numbers of users by sending out personal communications through use of the internet and web technology.

Policy objective

In regards to awareness and responsibility for transmission of information and the response on social media is to be always be aware that unspecified number of users with all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances may have access to the transmission of information on the internet. As for information transmission, we strictly comply with laws and the internal regulations that Global Cast has stipulated. We are fully aware that the information transmitted by each individual has considerable influence.
Promotion of marketing communication by appropriate information sharing Employees, customers and business partners, people utilizing social media strengthening bonds through communication not only increases the value of employees personally but we recognize it greatly contributes to improving the company brand.

Frame of mind in participating in social media

As a sensible member of society, always be disciplined so that your behavior does not deviate from healthy social common sense and never forget the attitude to listen. Be responsible for information transmitted and the response on social media and take care not to cause any misunderstanding. Widely share experiences within and outside the company acquired from communication through social media and contributes to the growth of many individuals and the community. Understand that once information has been disclosed to a network, it cannot be completely removed and so be responsible in your actions and speech.

Guidance and request to customers and users

Please understand that all information transmitted from social media for Global Cast Co., Ltd., (and our employees) does not necessarily express the official announcements and opinions of our company. In regards to official announcements, they will be transmitted on Global Cast Co., Ltd., corporate site ( or through press releases. Dialogs (reply propriety, method, response time, etc.,) may differ according to the account. Please understand that we cannot promise responses to all users and responses to service for opinions for all official accounts.

Inquiries in regards to social media policies

Please make inquiries with the inquiry form

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