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About Our Privacy Policy

GlobalCast Co., Ltd. (below, "we") operates a communications/networking business, sales business, IT/web solutions business, environmental business, education business. In order to appropriately handle personal information provided to our businesses, we have set a personal information privacy policy for all of our employees to follow, and which work to thoroughly implement.

  1. We have set up a personal information protection management system that meets the "Personal Information Protection Management Systems Requirements" of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001), in order to comply with the law and guidelines that the government makes.
  2. We will acquire, use and provide appropriate personal information, giving consideration to business content and scale. Moreover, we shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the intended purposes and have taken steps to ensure this does not occur.
  3. In cases in which we outsource part or all handling of personal information, we will perform the appropriate oversight of the outsourcing partner to ensure that the outsourced personal information is securely managed.
  4. We will not provide the individual's personal information to third parties without the individual's consent, except when required by the law.
  5. We will take necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss, and damage of personal information collected.
  6. We will do our best to respond to concerns or complaints concerning the handling of personal information. In addition, we accept requests for disclosure, etc. regarding your personal information (to notify the purpose of use, to disclose, to correct, add or delete the content, to discontinue its use, to erase, or to discontinue its provision to a third party). Please contact the customer service desk for personal information regarding this procedure.
  7. We are continuously improving our personal information protection system.

Enactment: Oct. 1st, 2011
Revised: July. 20th, 2013
GlobalCast Co., Ltd.
President Hideyuki Kawaguchi

About our handling of personal information

(Items put in readily accessible condition for the individual and from articles of the Personal Information Protection Law and JIS)

  1. Work of business partners through consignment covered by the personal information's purpose of use.
    • ・When a consignment from a business partner is received, in order to appropriately carry out work such as "broadband/mobile communication service sales agency operations," "web and design related services connected with domains, servers, etc. of acquisition agencies," and "procedures and fee collection operations ancillary to public broadcasting agreements.
  2. Personal information handled during work consigned by business partners
    • ・"Broadband/mobile communication service sales agency operations" are treated as commercial residential maps.
    • ・"Web and design related services connected with domains, servers, etc. of acquisition agencies" are treated as "End client corporate information."
    • ・"Procedures and fee collection operations ancillary to public broadcasting agreements" are treated as "Contact Status for Navigation Terminal."

Regarding our possession of information subject to disclosure

Name or title of business person handling personal information

GlobalCast Co., Ltd.

Job title, department, and contact for the Personal Information Administrator

Planning Office: Kazuyuki Kamiya. (Contact listed below as "Personal Information Customer Service Desk")

Purpose of use for all personal information subject to disclosure

We have specified the following purposes of use for the personal information we handle through our communications/networking business, sales business, consulting business, IT/web solutions business, environmental business, language education business.

  1. Customers' personal information
    • ・In order to provide appropriate management and enforce contractual obligations.
  2. Business partner personal information
    • ・In order to provide appropriate management of contracts business partners
  3. Personal information of shareholders
    • ・In order to exercise rights based on Civil Law and Commercial Code/perform duties.
    • ・In order for us to provide all type of benefits
    • ・In order to implement measures designed to optimize the relationship between the company and shareholders.
    • ・In order to manage shareholders by means of preparing shareholder's data based on criteria set by applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Personal information of those wishing to join this company
    • ・In order to contact and provide employment information to those who have expressed an interest in us as employer or who have applied for a position.
    • ・For employment screening
  5. Personal information of our employees
    • ・For work-related contacts, making registers of employee names, procedures required by law (including after the employee retires), and other work management matters.
    • ・For personnel screening, assignment, and determining dispatch destination.
    • ・In order to determine and pay remuneration, tax-related procedures, social insurance procedures, and the provision of welfare programs
    • ・For safety control measures in terms of matters like monitoring of video and online activity.
    • ・For PR and publicity materials relating to our PR and publicity activities.。
    • ・For appropriate healthcare management. (Regarding employee health information such as the results of physical examinations, such information is not acquired, used, or supplied except in cases pertaining to the law.)
  6. Personal information obtained through received inquiries
    • ・In order to provide quality customer service
    • ・In order to accurately understand the inquiry and reason for contact, and process the inquiry

*Regarding the above Purposes of Use, "In order to provide appropriate management of contracts business partners" includes "Use for the stage before entering the contract" and "Use after the contract has terminated."

Where to make complaints regarding the handling of personal information subject to disclosure

Customer service desk for personal information (listed at the end of document)

Title of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and where claims are processed

At the present we do not have an Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization.

Procedure for responding to requests for disclosures, etc.

  1. Submit request for disclosure, etc.
  2. When requesting a disclosure, etc., submit the proper forms and other legal documents to our Personal Information Customer Service Desk. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.
    1. Our designated "Request Form for Disclosures, etc."
      Please contact us if you do not have this form. We will send it to you.
    2. Identity verification documents.
      1. If the individual makes the request themselves
        Not required. (We will contact you at a later date to confirm your identity.)
      2. If a proxy submits the request
        All applicable items listed below:
        1. If it is someone exercising parental authority (or minor ward)
          • ・A copy of an official certificate confirming the individual's address/permanent residence.
          • ・One copy of the family register (the entire register).
          • ・A copy of an official certificate confirming the proxy's address/permanent residence.
        2. If it is an Adult Guardian (adult ward statutory representative)
          • ・A copy of an official certificate confirming the individual's address/permanent residence.
          • ・A copy of the Certificate of Registered Matters (Something that verifies that the person is the individual's legal representative.)
          • ・A copy of an official certificate confirming the proxy's address
        3. In the case of an agent by power of attorney
          • ・A copy of the person's Seal Registration Certificate
          • ・Our designated power of attorney (document with the individuals's officially registered seal) (If you do not have our designated power of attorney, please notify us and we will quickly send one to you.)
          • ・A copy of an official certificate confirming the proxy's address/permanent residence. (A registration number is optional in the case of lawyers)
    3. Fee
      For "Notification of Purpose of Use" and "Disclosure," a single request has a fee of 1,000 yen. Please enclose a postal money order for this amount with the above listed documents.
      If the above fee is not enclosed, we will attempt to contact you. However, if the payment is not received within a specified timeframe, it will be treated as though no disclosure, etc. request was made. As a general rule, sent documents are not returned.

Personal Information Customer Service Desk

Personal Information Protection Administrator Kazuyuki Kamiya
Address 1-50-20 Marunouchi, ie Marunouchi Bldg 11F, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi ,Aichi, 460-0002
Phone Number 052-229-0073
Fax Number 052-229-0074
・In the event an accident occurs during mailing or delivery resulting in mail not being delivered, we bear no responsibility.
・Please fill out the required forms completely. If documents are not fully prepared, they may be returned.
・If the request falls outside the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, the disclosure request may not be answered.
・Requests make take time depending on their content.
・Personal information collected through Requests for Disclosures, etc., is strictly with bounds of what is required to process the request. Submitted documents will be disposed of appropriately by this company.
・As a result of "Revisions, etc." and "Stopping use," there may be cases when corresponding services can no longer be used. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
※"Personal information subject to disclosure" refers to personal information that is compiled systematically as a set of information in order to enable searches on computers, or a set of personal information that is compiled systematically through organization, categorization, and the appending of contents, indices, and markings in line with a fixed set of rules, in order to facilitate easy searches for specific personal information. We acknowledge that each person has the right to choose to disclose, amend, stop the use of (cease and desist) and/or have their personal information purged from our records, and we shall comply with such requests to the extent permitted by our authority.
For further information contact "Personal Information Customer Service."
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