Solicitation Policy for Insurance Products


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Solicitation Policy for Insurance Products

Basic Policy

・In the sale of financial products, along with complying with the law, we will show consideration for fairness between the parties subject to the contract, and engage in appropriate business operations.
・While considering the customer's privacy, we respect the customer's standpoint and honestly perform business operations.
・As financial product professionals, we work to gain knowledge/improve skills, and provide services that are always improving.

  1. Compliance with the law, etc.
    (1) In the solicitation of the sale, etc. of financial products, we place a maximum priority on complying with the law, company policy, official regulations, and procedures, etc. (below, "laws, etc.").
    (2) We are working to strengthen our system of compliance with laws, etc. through, things like education and training regarding compliance with laws, etc.
  2. Suggesting products best suited to customer needs
    (1) In the solicitation of the sale, etc. of financial products, we work hard to suggest the financial products best suited to customer needs in light of the customer's purpose, income, resources, family composition, etc., providing thorough management in compliance with our company's set standards, etc., and with consideration to the fairness between the contract parties. With regard to life insurance contracts when the insured person is a minor under the age of 15, we strive to appropriately recruit insurance companies whose insurance products meet specified payout amounts.
    (2) In the marketing of insurance in foreign currencies/variable annuities, etc., and risk weighted assets, we strive to present the most suitable products for the customer's needs, while giving sufficient consideration to the customer's reasons for investing and investment experience, age, knowledge, resources, and income.
  3. Most suitable solicitation
    (1) We will pay sufficient consideration to the time of solicitation in order to not inconvenience customers' work and life.
    (2) We will always interact with customers in a considerate manner and not engage in any activity that causes considerable disturbance to customers due to a coercive attitude or inappropriate language, etc.
    (3) Regarding the sale of life insurance, damage insurance, and other financial products, we make clear distinctions in our handling in order to prevent customer misunderstanding on the part of the product or underwriter, .
    (4) In the case of non-direct solicitation or sales, etc. (for example, mail order sales, etc.), we strive to have the customer understand the transaction through the devised explanation method, etc.
  4. Explanation of important matters
    (1) Regarding the important matters in the content of contracts for financial products sold by us, we strive to ensure that before entering a contract the customer has sufficient understanding, and the "Contract explanation and clauses," "Alert information," "Contract outline," "Explanation of important matters," etc. have been delivered. Also, in recruitment resources like "Pamphlet," etc., we use appropriate materials that meet the specifications of insurance underwriters, etc.
    (2) Regarding the specified content of products and items that require customer explanation, we hold training and study sessions regarding how to provide explanations and strive to improve our system for providing customers with sufficient explanation.
  5. Protection of customer information
    Regarding the protection of customer privacy, we handle information appropriately and have strict management, etc. by making sure it is collected and used within the necessary scope.
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