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Social responsibility initiatives and creating common values

At GlobalCast Co., Ltd., we engage in business operations, profit-seeking, and development within society while at the same time fulfilling our responsibilities to society. We engage in a variety of initiatives in order to maintain positive relationships with local communities and all stakeholders and promote sustainability in industry and society.

In addition to initiatives concerning things like human rights, corporate ethics, compliance and corporate governance, we adhere to a corporate philosophy of contributing to society by supporting the personal growth of individuals and developing their diverse abilities in order to build a brighter future and preserve the environment.

Our conception of "people," which emphasizes providing social value and fulfilling social responsibilities through business, is also connected to realizing our business strategy within the economy. Pursuing profits and contributing to society and solving social problems form a virtuous circle, and we are engaged in initiatives which create and share community value.

Social Action Programs

Paralym Art (Person with Disabilities Self Reliance Promotion Organization)

About Paralym Art

Paralym Art is run by Person with Disabilities Self Reliance Promotion Organization. It is not a welfare program, but rather aims to promote professional skills and economic independence for the disabled.

The works created through the unique worldview and creativity of disabled artists move and astonish many people, and have received high assessments as artists internationally.
However, in Japan many disabled artists and their families face financial difficulties, and have many worries about the future. Also, at the present, they have difficulties connecting with the general public through their work as artists.
To address this situation, Paralym Art aims to provide disabled artists with economic independence and give them access to business support.

Our company's participation

In addition to its endorsement and contributions, GlobalCast Co., Ltd. is involved in planning a variety of initiatives at Paralym Art through its responsibilities as one of the program's administrative bodies.
Furthermore, our company's director is on the board of Person with Disabilities Self Reliance Promotion Organization, where he has worked to ensure that the program is more than just social welfare or philanthropy, but one that supports disabled artists by increasing their economic interactions with the general public, and thereby provides assistance from a business standpoint.

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FSP Research Society (Future Skills Project Research Organization)

About Future Skills Project Research Organization

In order to address the question of "What type of education nurtures people who are active members of society?," this research society combines issues faced by academics and business people while presenting/applying curriculums that embody such concepts as "industry-academic partnership," which nurtures independence and practical skills, "active learning," and "problem-based learning (PBL)."
The Future Skills Project Research Organization engages in initiatives that aim to address common challenges faced by "industry" and "academia" through research and practical applications.
#1. Active learning. Rather than traditional lecture-based passive teaching methods, this learning methods encourages students and participants to be actively engaged in discussions and give presentations.
#2. PBL (Problem Based Learning). A learning method in which students and participants engage in preliminary investigations that in turn determine how the class progresses. The lecturer provides supplementary explanations and keeps things on topic.

Our company's participation

GlobalCast Co., Ltd. works with regional universities such as the Nagoya University of Economics. It is involved with initiatives like deciding on business plans and giving presentations that involve problem based learning.
In recent years, due to the rapidly rising importance of practical business skills, curriculums that develop practical skills and problem solving abilities in adults have attracted an incredible amount of attention.
Based on our corporate philosophy, we are taking part in initiatives that aim to contribute to society through education and produce leaders who will bring about fundamental changes.

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Seibu Bunri University of Hospitality Ambassador Special Lecturer

About Seibu Bunri University of Hospitality Ambassador

A special professorship granted to business persons selected from a wide range of industries by universities that give lectures and speeches to enrolled students as a form of voluntary social contribution.

Our company's participation

As of 2015 our company's director Hideyuki Kawaguchi was appointed special lecturer at West Bunri University of Hospitality Ambassador.
This initiative contributes to society through providing lectures to enrolled college students that contain material that can be applied to real life situations by using a variety of business experiences to demonstrate philosophies and ways of thinking.
In addition giving lectures, the Special Lecturer participates in a variety of functions where he is able to increase his contact with students.

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