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Mission Statement

People, Dreams, Wealth, Harmony

  • People encounter people and grow.
  • You cannot go forward if you have no dreams
  • Leaving behind wealth has no value, leaving behind a business to continue is proper and natural, leaving behind capable and competent people is supreme, however, with no wealth, businesses cannot be sustained, people cannot be nurtured.
  • Valuing harmony will contribute to society.

Corporate Philosophy

We aspire to create leaders to lead the era.

global for dream!

A magnificent bridge connecting to the next generation

The leader we think of considers the future of Japan, encounters people, each of them then become a symbol and influence each other and grow, "advance one step forward from the person he was yesterday". We believe that children seeing this will be raised with the spirit of "I can do it if I try". We seriously believe this chain of events will energize Japan.


Impression & Thanks

We would like to contribute to society by receiving gratitude from providing moving experiences through technology and people.

Credo (Creed)

  • We are personnel with resolute determination that seriously live to the fullest with all our might every moment of every day to the fullest with our principles!
  • We are personnel that are as good as our word, steering through rough seas, with our backs showing to lead through example!
  • We are loved and trusted by our colleagues and will take a leap together to create true human resources!
  • We are lucky adventurers, full of momentum and always have the spirit of challenge!
  • We strive to be a worthy group to clear a path for a future with life worth living and full of hope!

Company Motto

  • 1. An exemplary frame of mind is if you are prepared and you make the effort, anything "can be done if you try".
  • 2. An exemplary frame of greeting is a greeting that will make your opponent cheerful.
  • 3. An exemplary way of tidiness is everything starts after you tidy your bedding after waking up in the morning.
  • 4. Exemplary time is always for any time specify the "date and time".
  • 5. Exemplary actions are preparation 80%, action 10%, improve on results daily.
  • 6. An exemplary way of being autonomous is think and have a dialog instead of having other people's opinions.
  • 7. An exemplary contribution is a contribution that will lead the era is the greatest contribution.
  • 8. An exemplary way of support isbecoming earnest and making your colleagues earnest is the greatest support.
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