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Senior Managing Director TatsuyaMorimoto

Towards a Global Company not ashamed of its name

I fell in love with the beliefs, philosophy, passion and chivalrous spirit of the president even before the establishment of the company and I undertake daily efforts determined to make GlobalCast a company name not to be ashamed of and will be an organization that will last until my grandchildren's generation. Since I'm not good at formal greetings, I'll say my greetings in everyday language.

It's nice to meet you. I'm the Cheerful Symbol of GlobalCast. ^^ "Alright! Let's do this again today full of smiles!" is what I feel and I smile while I enjoy working. I was attracted to the chivalrous spirit of the president! I've met up with the best colleagues! In order to make this the best organization, we grow by transcending limitations every day.

Our president will really take care of the fate of people! Dreaming about fulfilling the dreams of people is how much he cares for colleagues. For the absolute condition of "becoming happy", we are running around from early in the morning to late at night creating happiness!

Such are the president and colleagues that I've met in order to survive this era of economic warring states! I crawl around on the ground and just push forward in order to make this organization last until my grandchildren's generation and charge forward every day! I, myself, have no schooling and met the president when I was at the lowest point in my life. I just followed the president while looking straight at his back! Because I know less than everyone else, I give it my all everyday! The things that the president did for me, the things that he has shown me with his back to me, is what I keep in mind when I endeavor to tell everyone the passionate beliefs of the president.

Making a company ourselves with the best colleagues!

Because this company is really emotionally moving everyday!
I think because everyone is earnestly performing their fullest to the president's lead, it is emotionally moving!

Emotionally moving company!
Making the company ourselves with the best colleagues!
A company that is worth working at!

In order to lead a life to be proud of, I am still in training to become a member of society however, I will most certainly make this an organization that will contribute to society so please provide me with your guidance and encouragement. Thank you.

Director HironoriNishi

Hardships into "Worth Doing"

It will be the 9th fiscal period since the establishment of GlobalCast. No one was perfect from the start, I included and we pushed forward everyday, maintaining motivation and compiling practice together with all the employees.

Whatever the job is, earning money is not simple. But I think that the hardship of having a "Dream" is not just a hardship but can be turned into a something "Worth Doing".

Our company environment is so that every employee can freely submit proposals at any time and we wanted to become familiar with each employee's "Dreams" and "Ideas" so we setup a "Dream Box" as one method of communication. Changing dreams into goals, people who do this with all their might, shine. "By strongly wishing for something, that person's actions will change" This will change hardship into a sense of accomplishment for work.

"Spirit to Create" and "Spirit to Create Ideas"

When like-minded people gather, there will always be the "Spirit to Create" and the "Spirit to Create Ideas". As long as there is this spirit, I would like to support this with all my might.

I would like make GlobalCast a company that will fulfill the dreams and ideas of as many people as possible. My goal is to create a stage where each employee can have a sense of "Worth Doing" in their hearts and create an environment where as many people as possible can seize opportunities.

The "Desire to be a leader that is a positive influence to the community" and the "Desire to create a 21st century that will be called the era of the spirit" is also the philosophy of our company and we have renewed our determination for our desire to continue to become a "Super Company" in order to realize that philosophy.

Director NorichikaOhike

Opportunities will arise when you have "amplitude"

It is nice to meet you. My name is Ohike and I am serving as a director. Our company places "People" that is also our president's ideology, as the axis and is a company that uses sales power and organizational strength as management resources to push forward.

In recent years, the economy has increasingly worsened from global financial uncertainty but we regard this as an opportunity. Looking back at the history of the world, "Opportunity" arises when the situation and economy of the world has a large "Modulation". In times when the situation and economy are stable, there is "No Change", nothing is changed.

In the current highly information-oriented society, the world has definitely become convenient. However, when goods and information are overflowing, the reality is that it becomes an era where goods and information do not sell. In the meantime, our conception of "Sales" is not the "Intended Use" of products but rather offer the "Meaning" of the product. So here, we would like to make a company that allows each of our employees to consider the "Meaning" of the existence of themselves.

The fact of the matter is that I am a person that fell in love with Kawaguchi, the president of our company, and transferred to this company. Since becoming a member of society, I have been engaged in various industries and during my 20's, I have even experienced a bankruptcy.

Life is "How it was Resolved"

However, I think that the value of life is not "What Happened" but rather "How it was Resolved" and I lived while using my failures as nourishment. The results were that I was able to encounter a company that had genuine "People". I was grateful for this "Encounter" and fell in love with the company. I would like to make this a company where each employee can find the "Meaning" of living.

Auditor YoshioMakita

Have you been able to fulfill your own life?

I think when inquiring about the recent ways of the world, "getting recognized by others while you are doing what you want to do" is quite difficult in this world. Even when you become employed at the company of your choice, it is rare that you will be assigned to the position you desire.

Additionally, until awhile ago, you only had to work in earnest and you were promoted along as you aged and it was a "Seniority-Based" era recognized by society and family. However, in current times, there is a possibility of being let go by restructuring and there are more than a few people that will face life with the uncertainty of whether they will remain being employed until retirement.

Because of this, perhaps there are people who matter-of-factly are "Working because it is my favorite pursuit. My purpose in life is my favorite pursuit.", even though it is contrary to their true intentions.

For 5 years after reaching the age of 40, as I was thinking there were different ways of living for each person, I repeatedly contemplated to myself daily, whether my work and interests could be called the "Purpose of Life" in fulfilling my life.

The true sense of fulfillment in life.

Among these, "Things that should seriously be endeavored, times to persevere and endure and the feeling of accomplishment obtained each time a wall is overcome" is truly what I think is the way to satisfy your own desires and have concluded that "work", which we spend most of our lives doing, is in fact, the way to self-realization.

If you don't connect "Hope" and "Life's Goal" to your work, although exaggerated, I think that you may feel that when you get old, your will feel a sense of hopelessness in regards to your life.

In other words, in regards to the propositions "Why am I working?" and "What kind of life am I living through work?", I think that if you don't find the answers in earnest, you will not sense the purpose for working and you will not obtain true fulfillment in life.

Under this self-philosophy, encountering GlobalCast, where a stage has been prepared where anyone can accomplish their work in earnest, has been a major turning point for me. Now I am going forward with a purpose in life at our company!! By encountering many colleagues that I would like to grow together with at the organization called GlobalCast Co., Ltd., my "Hopes" and "Life's Goal" have become clear. And now in order to realize this, I am pushing straight forward.

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