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Hideyuki Kawaguchi

Thoughts on Establishment of GlobalCast Co., Ltd.

When establishing this company, I founded the company under such ideas as the following with resolve for "beliefs". My life has not been a way of living that I can say I am proud of to the people of the world. If anything, my life wandered off from the path and I have caused a tremendous amount of trouble to my parents and the people around me. In this life, I of course was not dedicated to studies nor was I born to parents of wealth. You might say that I neither had any status, connections, honor or money. However, for some reason, my curiosity and spirit for adventure was strong from when I was young and I was fearless in pursuing anything that interested me. I think that for this reason, I experienced many things, failed many times and have lost many things. Looking back however, whenever I had a major setback, I think I have always lived thinking "Just you wait and see!"

Things do not always go well in the world as they do in dreams. However, when people experience an emotionally moving moment, they come to a "realization" and then become "motivated". I feel that taking action while being "motivated" is a truly important keyword. The potential of people hidden here is an unknown power that is hidden and that science and theories probably cannot identify. This is something equal to all the people living in the world. Time is also equal. I would like to incorporate this into my company take a leap with colleagues that have been able to have "fate". That is why I think GlobalCast has potential that cannot be predicted. There are too many things to study and I think there will be more hardships to come in the future. However, that's alright. Isn't it fun? I think it is. If you are doing the same thing that people you know around you are doing, then it isn't much of a success. Everyone knows this but the weakness in people will compare themselves to others around them and feel that they are overdoing their own efforts, give in to temptation and feel that the easy way is the right way.

Is that the way it should be? I don't think so. In order for people to improve, "transcending limitations" is necessary. And in anything "you can do it if you try". Also, I would like to be a person that protects people that should be protected, family and colleagues. When GlobalCast brings out potential of people to bring out "the spirit of challenge", it should be a fantastic growth.

2010, GlobalCast Co., Ltd., Representative Director Hideyuki Kawaguchi

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